Dwight D. Eisenhower Legacy Project

The Project includes "Eisenhower's Secret War," a two-hour documentary that appeared public television stations nationwide, 2012-2017, the 4-part Eisenhower Legacy DVD series (available from Ambrose Digital), a 60-minute television special "Allied Commander," a 20-part classroom series and a video preservation project. All of these programs were written and produced by George A. Colburn, Ph.D.

New Feature Documentary

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4-Part Series

Click images below to hear General Colin L. Powell (U.S. Army Ret.) preview the programs.

Supreme Commander

1. Supreme Commander, 1941-1945

In this first segment, learn why Ike was chosen to lead Allied forces in Africa, Italy and, as Supreme Commander, in Europe. We'll also see how he won the confidence of Churchill, Roosevelt and GI Joe as well as why, as a symbol of victory, he epitomized a glorious American ideal for a war-weary world.

Cold Warrior

2. Cold Warrior, 1945-1952

The forgotten years of Ike's public life are explored in this program. The story covers his role in the post-war years as Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army when America quickly demobilized its wartime military machine, his retirement from the military and appointment as President of Columbia University, his re-emergence into the public spotlight as NATO’s Supreme Commander shortly after the outbreak of the Korean War in 1950, and, finally, his decision to enter presidential politics.

Politician and President

3. Politician & President, 1953-1961

See how President Eisenhower handled the critical domestic issues of McCarthyism, civil rights and fiscal policy after 20 years of Democratic rule. Understand how Ike handled tricky political relations with Democrats and the powerful conservative wing of the GOP.


4. Commander-in-Chief, 1953-1961

Learn how Ike dealt with the Communist menace on both diplomatic and military fronts and through covert CIA operations. We'll also see how he used personal diplomacy and the nuclear threat to keep a fragile peace.

Prime Time Special


Disney Channel: Allied Commander

Hosted and narrated by John Chancellor, the distinguished NBC-TV reporter and commentator.
A one-hour Special on General Eisenhower's various commands in World War II, from his appointment to the War Plans Division at the war's onset to his command of the Allied armies in Europe from D-Day to V-E Day. Featured in this programs are British, French and Germany military and diplomatic officials as well as "GI Joes" who fought under Ike's command in North Africa, Sicily, Italy and northwestern Europe.

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20-Part Classroom Series



"The Eisenhower Era" is a 20-part classroom series that traces Dwight D. Eisenhower's public life from 1941 - 1961 as General of the Army and President of the United States. General Colin L. Powell (U.S. Army Ret.) hosts the series.

The series has four major units: The War Years, 1941 -45; The Early Cold War, 1946 - 1952;  Major Domestic Issues in the Eisenhower Presidency, 1953 - 61; Major Foreign Policy Issues in Eisenhower's Presidency, 1953 - 1961

The series is now available to license for streaming from Ambrose Digital 2.0 (www.ambrosedigital.com).